Snow Days Don’t Count


The British Museum. Just near here I met a bunch of New Yorkers who were quite surprised that this was all it took to bring the city to a halt.


This was the sight that greeted me when I woke up.  I mean seriously dude.


Shin-deep snow. The only time I can recall encountering deeper snow in London was back in the 1980s, when it came up to my knees. Mind you, I was three at the time.


While attempting to take this Highly Symbolic Picture of an Underground sign covered in snow, I failed to notice the office block sneaking up on me from round the corner. In the ensuing battle I lost three teeth and a leg.


The junction at Tottenham Court Road.


Looking towards High Holborn. This junction is normally so jammed that it’s impossible to cross. In fact, it’s so crowded with traffic that I once saw a policeman do three drivers for obstruction in one go. Ha ha ha that was funny.


Bloomsbury Square. No humorous caption I’m afraid.


Charles James Fox had himself cryogenically frozen at the moment of his death, along with his entire garden. It is now all he is remembered for. Memento mori.


Looking towards Great Ormond Street. As a meta thing, the guy right in front was just taking a photo himself.


Harry was staying at Hogwarts for another Christmas.


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