London Lies, Part 2 – A Trip to the British Museum

img_0178The Elgin Marbles, taken from Elgin in Scotland. The Scottish National Party wants them returned. The British Museum has defended its decision to keep them on the grounds that “they’re not even proper marbles anyway.”

img_0179This is the head of the horse that pulled Selene’s chariot. If you put fifty pence in the slot it will tell jokes and sing popular music hall songs, a useful fundraiser.

img_01771Above is seen the Nereid Monument, which according to the guide whose tour I listened in on, was built by the Lykians. You may not like them, but they’ll certainly “Lykia” (like ya)!


This beautifully-preserved sculpture illustrates the bloody nature of Greek gladiatorial combat. Even with no head, the slave Xanthias fights on for his freedom.


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