You know what? Gay IS the word.

More bookshopping shenanigans today. Another shop on Marchmont Street, just a few doors down from the School of Life (remember that one?) is Gay’s the Word, which, as you might imagine from its name, is a shop that specialises in gay and lesbian titles.gayword

I’ve not been in, despite having worked in my current location for approximately a year and a half, largely due to being straight or a close simulacrum thereof.

In some ways it’s weird that I haven’t given it a go. I must have explored every other bookshop in the area, and this one had certainly piqued my curiosity on a number of occasions. I suppose I just wasn’t that way inclined. So I took the plunge and dived in – well, there’s nothing wrong with experimenting, is there?

Anyway, enough of the “talking about going into a gay bookshop using clumsy innuendo intended to suggest that I am, in fact, experimenting with homosexuality.” To be honest, dressing as I do like a heftier Quentin Crisp, I’d imagine everyone who’s going to come to that conclusion already has.

I’ve forgotten what the point of this entry was. I did find a book entitled Sodomy and the Pirate Tradition, which must surely be worth a read. If nothing else, it would certainly give pause to anyone looking over my bookshelf. Disney ain’t making a movie out of this one.

"Mr Bloom? We have a proposal for you."

"Mr Bloom? We have a proposal for you."


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