Espionage drama in Bloomsbury

Sunday’s entry is a little early today, being as how I’m going to be in Devon this weekend. It’ll be a real test of my survival skills – they say there are no 24-hour Tescos at all down there. What if I need a pint of milk at 3am? I suppose I’ll just have to starve.

Anyway, fortunately, today provided me with some excitement for this here blog as I was walking from work to the station. I’d intended to cut up a side road to a rather good second-hand bookshop I know, when I found my route blocked. Thus:


The presence of the police and an ancient car obstructing my path was a little confusing. Approaching from the other side, I came across an ambulance in London County Council livery.film21

Clearly something interesting was going on. Further up the road were more police and more elderly vehicles. And lots of people in 1940s clothes.  And a film crew.

A gentleman with a clapperboard indicated that action was due to take place, and a gentleman in a dark suit ran out of one of the hotels, putting a gun into his pocket as he went. The gentleman looked like this, pictured below between two cars.


It was quite clear what had happened. Some sort of timewarp had opened up and the dark-suited gentleman was attempting to flee a Second World War crime through it. Well, no such luck, Sunny Jim, for the police are already waiting – they’ve had sixty years to prepare! As for the film crew? Innocent bystanders the lot of them.

I also found a bus, which had not only become lost in time, but also in space.


As you can see, it was supposed to get to Morden but ended up in the distant future, cast adrift from causality and reason, into a world strange and unknown. Still, it could have been worse. It could have ended up in Morden.



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