Imitation is the weasliest form of flattery

Now, look, I take some pride in my work. When I write this blog, I do my utmost to produce the best possible work a person can be expected to do with no academic qualifications or financial incentive. So when I come across a blog entry like this:

and I notice its remarkable similarity to this:

I can’t help thinking that maybe I should be a little annoyed. I mean, hey, it’s great that someone likes my work, and I’m flattered that they consider it good enough to publish to a wider audience. But honestly, the least they could do is ask. Or just put a link on their own blog.

They haven’t even been subtle about it. Type “Early objections to Westfield London” into Google and this entry is the first thing that comes up. They haven’t bothered to change the title, to put it into their own words or anything.

In conclusion, what a prick.

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