Fun Things To Do With A Tube Sign



See that thing on the left? That sign from Camden Town Tube Station, High Barnet Branch? I own it. It is mine. I was at the Upminster Depot open day, a full report on which will follow in due course as soon as I’ve sorted out the twelve million or so photographs.

The sign was a bit of a bargain, and I must admit that part of my motivation for buying it was the hope that it would appreciate in value. Camden Town is a popular and fashionable tube station with the youth of today (suggested slogan: “Camden – it’s crap, but you can’t keep away”) and I figured that if I tried to sell it on even now I could probably get more than I paid for it. I also thought it would make a neat wall decoration.

Other uses for it:

1. Clutch it under one arm and run out of Camden Town Tube Station looking suspicious.

2. Hold it up to the window of a stationary train and run along the platform in an attempt to convince people that they’re too late to get off.

3. If a ninja, throw it to decapitate your enemies.

4. Use it as an essential part of a spell to summon up the spirit of Mother Damnable (see link below).

5. Use it to prove that you are more Camden than anyone.

6. Put it up at Mornington Crescent. See how many Goths you can catch before the police intervene.

I look forward to your results.

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5 responses to “Fun Things To Do With A Tube Sign

  1. 7. Put it up at Camden Town, Edgware Branch and watch people get very, very confused.

    • TGW

      If you do that early enough, when people are still half-asleep, you could have them going from platform to platform for up to an hour before they work it out.

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