More Fun With A Tube Sign

Good Lord, chaps, I only just discovered last night that the London Transport Museum Depot Open Weekend was this weekend! They are calling the London Transport Museum again, right? They’ve abandoned the awkward and frankly stupid ‘London’s Transport Museum,’ right? I should have paid more attention today. Hey ho.

Anyway, I strolled over there, had a poke around and took lots of photos for m’research. Also, some of you may recall that I purchased one of the signs from Camden Town on my last visit to a depot open day. Well, today I bought a Northern Line sign to go with it.

IMG_1775You know, now I come to look at it, this photo perhaps reveals more about me than I’d normally put into one of these entries.

  1. 1. I have a lot of books with the word “bollocks in the title.
  2. 2. While my general literary tastes are (I like to think) pretty wide-ranging, there’s an awful lot of shite in my library.
  3. You can see the top of the evening cane I carry. It is my favourite Saturday night pastime to hide behind doors in West End backstreets, then leap out and beat an unsuspecting passer-by to death.
  4. During the day, I use the shoe polish to black up and then make my way to the Daily Mail offices. Thus attired, my capering delights the editor, who gives me a shiny sixpence for my trouble.

Oh well. The sign will provide all sorts of joy. As well as making a fine decoration, it’s the perfect size, shape and weight to whung someone around the head. You know, like when they get off the escalator and just stand there. Or when they get on to the Tube platform and block the entrance while arguing over whether the train that’s just come in is theirs. Or… oh, the possibilities.

No doubt I’ll post the other, more interesting photos from my trip here over the next few days. On the subject of signs…

IMG_1621What’s wrong with this one, kiddies?

This wasn’t in the museum, it’s actually “in service,” as it were. The first person to identify the error gets… well, nothing. A mention in the next entry. If I remember.


Further Reading – More sign-related antics.

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One response to “More Fun With A Tube Sign

  1. It would be interesting if TfL were doing another Bank/Monument sort of situation at KXSP, with the deep level tube platforms now being called King’s Cross and the sub-surface platforms St. Pancras…

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