Sainsbury’s hates lesbians, pass it on

So anyway, I was doing a little shopping in the Merton Sainsbury’s today (as a bachelor with an allergy to forward planning, I have not yet got the hang of doing a weekly shop) when I came across this DVD.

You’ll notice they’ve put a “censored” sticker. Over the word “lesbian.” As they have done for all copies of this particular movie.

Now, don’t get me wrong, there are lots of perfectly good reasons to be against this film, and I have faith that Corden and Horne will get theirs yet. And I understand the film has pissed off a lot of actual lesbians (and a few vampires, but they’ve largely kept their complaints to the blogs). But I get the feeling that censoring the word “lesbian” rather misses the point. In fact, I get the impression that implying the word “lesbian” is offensive is more than a little offensive. Particularly when the sticker they use reads:


You got that, lesbians? Your very existence is sexually suggestive! We all know you only do it to provide straight men with fantasy material! Stop pretending you’re just regular people!

Seriously, though, it’s the twenty-first century. Homosexuality is kind of a thing that happens.

UPDATE: Apparently Tesco is also in on this.


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2 responses to “Sainsbury’s hates lesbians, pass it on

  1. Disturbing and a bit tragic. Also disturbing is the regularity and coherence of your blogs. You’re really showing up the rest of us lazy bloggers. We’re ashamed of ourselves.

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