Seen in Lewisham, via the Internet

Check this little item on the Londonist out, my droogs:

I’m amused and faintly horrified. Oh well, I suppose you have to keep the Moral Guardians of the Nation placated somehow.



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2 responses to “Seen in Lewisham, via the Internet

  1. Why horrified? Personally, I find it very hard to be intolerant towards gays, but all intolerance is a good thing. Better than the alternative anyway.

    Our society’s been contaminated by the evil of too much tolerance (especially towards cripples), which means that on the rare occasions when repressed intolerance is allowed to break free it tends burst forth in a negative, destructive manner, like a dam breaking.

    If everyone was encouraged to show small, healthy doses of intolerance towards people who are different from them in any way, then our hatred wouldn’t be allowed to build up to extent where we can’t stop fantasising about cripples (or gays or blacks or child molesters or drinkers or whoever) being brutally tortured and executed in front of a cheering crowd.

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