Wrong, wrong, wrong.

Honestly, you’d think the landowners of London don’t even read this blog. Check this out:


Yes, like Portobello Road, Borough Market is being threatened by its owners’ desire for all that glitters. It’s bad enough that part of this gorgeously Dickensian corner of the city has been demolished to make way for the expansion of the viaduct into Cannon Street (it’s a lost cause – Cannon Street is a shadow of what it once was thank you British Rail) without its owners getting all snobby.

Borough Market is one of those open secrets of the city – not a tourist trap like Portobello or Camden, but well-known to those familiar with London for its excellent wholesale food and drink. Architecturally it has a real Victorian charm about it – it was used as a location in Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkhaban. I had a wander around there just the other day, having arrived half an hour early at London Bridge.

The genericisation of London’s markets is a worrying trend. Is genericisation a word? I don’t know. I’m tired.


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2 responses to “Wrong, wrong, wrong.

  1. On the subject of Cannon Street station I take it you are harking back to the original 1866 building by Hawkshaw and Barry. In defence of BR it was severely damaged by the Luftwaffe and in the post war years chronic underinvestment forced it to “pimp” out stations to property developers.

    Borough Market has been one of the great success stories on London in the last ten years, it added something that simply wasn’t there before and in this city that is a huge achievement. Sadly those that make the decisions about these things wouldn’t recognise a gem like this if you nailed it to their foreheads.

    Actually that’s not a bad idea….where’s me ‘ammer?

    • TGW

      I suppose in defence of Cannon Street, they did at least keep those marvellous turret-things – it certainly didn’t suffer as badly as Euston did.

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