‘Til you drop

I’ve had an utterly boring weekend where I saw no one, went nowhere (nowhere special, anyway) and did nothing (useful). Yesterday consisted of a trip to Kingston and today of a trip to Camden followed by a long and pointless walk from Angel to Kennington via a circuitous route. I’d love to say that I reached some sort of exciting conclusion or saw something really interesting, but no.

Compounding matters somewhat is a delay in payment of my wages, which means I’m subsisting at poor person level (or at least, the middle-class London version of “poor”) until Wednesday. Not necessarily a problem, except my birthday falls on Tuesday and I’d quite like to enjoy myself a bit. Having said that, for possibly the first time I’m utterly indifferent to the day, possibly because it’s one of those non-milestone years that serves only to remind me that I’m edging ever-closer to 30 and am notably not a multi-millionnaire yet.

So you’ll have to forgive me for the fact that this entry may come across as slightly bad-tempered. There’s just something about wandering around shopping centres filled with people who are younger or richer or both-er than you that depresses. I hope I’m not turning into one of those Grumpy Old Men, because 28 is far too young for that sort of thing. Not to mention the fact that I hate this industry that’s been built around whining about everything. Don’t get me wrong, I like satire – I love satire. But honestly, if I see one more comedy programme about a writer who’s depressed because his housekeeper isn’t up to scratch and the BBC feel his latest script needs work, I’m going to kidnap the author and drop them in Afghanistan just to give them some fucking perspective.

Wait, that entire rant makes me a hypocrite. Damn.



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4 responses to “‘Til you drop

  1. It’s OK. The Internet was designed for posts just like this one.

  2. It’s OK, the Internet was designed for posts just like this one.

  3. Jim Birch

    Don’t be concerned about feeling depressed and miserable. One day your life will turn around and you’ll be miserable and depressed.

  4. I had planned to commemorate my half century of existence (two weeks hence) with a trip to Vegas in the company of five excellent fellows but due to a rather tiresome string of events I will spend it at home installing loft boards.
    Shopping centres are soulless temples to tasteless greed at the best of times and the people who congregate there inspire nothing but despair and contempt in equal measure. Console yourself with the thought that things could be worse, you could be living in Birmingham.

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