Coming Attractions

What are your plans for this April? I know there’s Mother’s Day and Easter and I believe that Royal Wedding business is happening then, but what about the period from the 13th-16th inclusive?

I know! Why don’t you go to the theatre?

I can understand some of your objections – it’s expensive, it’s hard to get tickets for the big shows, Andrew Lloyd-Webber is pretty rich already, and so on, and so forth. So why not go a bit further out, to Hampton Hill in West London? At the Hampton Hill Playhouse, I hear there’s a superb production of Arthur Miller’s classic play The Crucible coming up. And what’s even better is that I’m in it. I’m playing Danforth, the dude presiding over the mess, no less. So don’t worry, it’s not like one of those shows you go to because someone you know is in it, and then it turns out they’re only in like one scene at the end or something.

The Crucible is one of the all-time greats of American drama, a dramatisation of the Salem witch trials originally published as a protest against McCarthyism, so much so that Miller (shown left) was himself investigated by the House Un-American Activities Committee over it. Though McCarthyism is but an embarrassing memory, the play still retains its relevance – wherever personal morality is put to the test by greater oppression, or where ostensibly laudable motivations are used to mask selfish greed, where mass hysteria overcomes reason and emotion is given precedence over common sense, there you’ll see the parallels. For this reason, it’s Miller’s most performed play. Plus a guy gets crushed between some rocks, which is wicked-awesome.

So, an amazing piece of drama with me in it. How much would you expect to pay for that in the West End? Thirty? Fifty? A hundred pounds a ticket? Well, turns out you can get them at a low, low price of EIGHT POUNDS!

Yeah, I know, now you’ve had some time to recover, you’re probably wondering where you can take advantage of this incredible offer? Well, you can book online right here.

I’ll see you there! Yaaaay!



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