Where’s Tom?

I’m going to have to apologise in advance for this week. I try to be pretty good about updating this thing – two entries a week, Wednesday and Sunday or before. But this week I’m afraid I’m going to have to fall behind a little.

You see, this is the week of the play, and what that means is that I’m not really around. I’ve spent most of the last couple of weeks in Hampton Hill Playhouse rehearsing or, as seen right, helping to assemble the set. Things are looking good, I have confidence that this show is going to kick some theatrical arse. You should really come and see it – info is in the link above.

Anyway, wish me luck, chums. I hope my legs break, or whatever.



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2 responses to “Where’s Tom?

  1. niq

    I’ve just suffered the worst reason to realise why Thespians say “break a leg”. It’s the contrast with what else could afflict your performance in an intensive rehearsal+performance period exposed to everyone’s germs. The common cold becomes a whole lot nastier when it coincides with a need for prolonged periods of heightened awareness and concentration, and intensive use of the voice. Cough, splutter 😦

    So, break a leg (and nothing worse).

  2. Jim Birch

    I’ll buy a lottery ticket. If I win I’m on the plane.

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