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Bijou note-ette #3: Okay, after this, no more Dickens

Yeah, I know, but while I was out and about in Bloombury, I found this place:

IMG_0554As you can see, it possesses yet another blue plaque (there’s about two per street in Bloomsbury on average), which commemorates yet another Dickens location.

This makes an appearance in one of Charles Dickens’ lesser known works, ‘The Bloomsbury Christening’. Dickens’ first published work was a series of sketches in the Morning Chronicle under the pseudonym “Boz”. These were collected and published under the title Sketches by Boz, which does exactly what it says on the tin.

The building you see before you was the residence of Mr Charles Kitterbell in said tale, introduced to us thus:

In addition to these characteristics, it may be added that Mr. Charles Kitterbell was one of the most credulous and matter-of-fact little personages that ever took TO himself a wife, and FOR himself a house in Great Russell-street, Bedford-square. (Uncle Dumps always dropped the ‘Bedford-square,’ and inserted in lieu thereof the dreadful words ‘Tottenham-court-road.’)

It’s a very Londony story, condensing pretty much everything I said about Dickens and London yesterday. Could have saved me a lot of trouble if I’d known about it earlier. Hi ho.

Further reading:

Here’s the story. http://www.readbookonline.net/readOnLine/7854/


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